Frequently Asked Questions


If I forgot my master password can send the passwords file to you to decrypt?

No, we cannot decrypt a PasswordsPro file without the master password. Do not forget it or you will not be able to access your password/notes file anymore.


I get corrupted data when open a PasswordsPro file. What I can do?

Even though the program is fast and can encrypt/decrypt data quickly, we still have reports of some users that in some circumstances (a power outage) end up with a corrupted PasswordPro file. To be 100% safe you should make and keep backups. Backup all of your password files in a daily basis, storing more than one copy per file.

What is the recommeded size for a passwordspro file?

PasswordsPro can manage almost any size file, but for safety we recommend that you do not create files that are excessively large.

What is the extension of a PasswordsPro file?

The extension of a passwordspro file is .cpc and it contains the password records and secure notes.


How I can order my passwords records?

A simple way to have your passwords records ordered on the main window of PasswordsPro is naming them with a meaningful first word, for example if you have several free webmail accounts, as Tom@hotmail.com, Tom@yahoo.com and Tom@gmail.com then use "eMail - Tom@hotmail.com", "eMail - Tom@yahoo.com" and "eMail - Tom@gmail.com" for the name field of each record.


I purchased the license, when I will receive it?

We attempt send the licenses as soon as we receive the payments notifications from ShareIt, RegNow or Paypal but sometimes the time differences can cause some delay. You can expect to receive your PasswordsPro license the next business day after we receive the payment. During regular business hours you will receive the license in minutes.


Where are the PasswordsPro files stored?

The executable files are stored in the well know “ProgramFiles” directory, but the data (.cpc), license (.lic) and settings (.set) files are all stored in different places, depending on the windows version, for example:

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<your user name>\My Documents\PasswordsProData
Windows Vista, 7 and 8: C:\Users\<your user name>\Documents\PasswordsProData.

How can I enable the registered version?

When you register your version and buy the license, you will receive a mail with the license (an attached file named PasswordsPro.lic) that you must copy on your PasswordsProData directory overwriting the default trial PasswordsPro.lic file. (See: Where are the PasswordsPro files stored?)


I am having some weird errors trying to start PasswordsPro 3. What I can do?

PasswordsPro 3 stores some configuration data (position and size of the forms, timeouts, file to open at startup) in a file named PasswordsPro.set in the PasswordsProData directory (See: Where are the PasswordsPro files stored?). This settings file can get corrupted for different reasons (power outage, operating system hang up, etc). Try deleting the PasswordsPro.set file and start PasswordsPro again. The program will build a new .set file with default setting.

Can I open PasswordsPro files (.cpc) from older versions with PasswordsPro 3?

Yes, you can open your old PasswordsPro files with the new version 3. Also a file created with the new version can be opened by the older 1.5 and 1.6 versions.


How I can install PasswordsPro 3 if I have a previous version installed?

You have two options:
1. Maintain both versions: Install PasswordsPro 3 selecting a different installation directory instead of the default.
2. Uninstall the previous version, saving your .cpc data files and then install the new PasswordsPro 3 version. After installed you can copy your .cpc passwords and notes files in the new default PasswordsProData directory.


No refund policy

We do not offer any sort of refund, because once that you make your payment, yo will always receive your PasswordsPro license (This is an automatic process that we can't cancel).
Think carefully about your purchase before to send your payment, you have a full version available for test for for 30 days to use our product to prove if it may be useful or not.