PasswordsPro Features

 Store passwords in a safe way:

    • Stores passwords in a fully protected way. The passwords are encrypted using encryption algorithms that are industry standard
    • Dynamic viewing and editing of your passwords, as often as you want
    • Allows to add comments to your passwords to remember, for instance, where and when the password is used
    • Examples of passwords to store with PasswordsPro:
      • The login and password access to your HomeBanking
      • Passwords and usernames of your email accounts
      • User/password of your free webmail accounts (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo)
      • Username and password of your MSN Messenger. ICQ, Jabber and others
      • Access to websites such as forums, blogs, online stores, etc
      • Access passwords to connect to Internet
      • Passwords access to online reports from your phone company
      • Username and password to login at network on your job
      • Any other password or sensitive data you need to store safely 

Store text notes in a safe way:

    • Besides passwords, it's possible to store text notes which are also saved encrypted as "Secure Notes". Examples of information that you can store safely on PasswordsPro:
      • Bank Data (Account numbers, PIN access to ATMs)
      • Information from your credit card
      • Combinations of your safe-deposit box
      • Your alarm Activating Number
      • Software registration data
      • Prices list in text format
      • Birthdays
      • Phone numbers and addresses
      • and much more!
    • You can also save notes which are not confidential or secret, but are useful to have, such as:
      • Pre-designed answers to emails
      • Suggestions to make a trip
      • etc, etc.

Multiple Passwords Files:

    • You can create multiple files, and in each of them you can store passwords and Information on different topics. In companies it is useful to separate commercial passwords from the passwords used by the Technical Department.
    • For personal use it is also possible to use a single file of passwords, without limit to the number of keys that are saved.
    • Each file has a master password that allows to open it.
    • Changing Master Password: PasswordsPro allows to change the master password. In this way the PasswordsPro file is encrypted again using the new Master Password entered.

Safety and Encryption:

    • PasswordsPro uses encryption algorithms that are standard in the industry having a strong level of security.
    • The files that store passwords can not be accessed without the Master Password. If an intruder manages to access the physical file of passwords and open it with an editing software, will see garbled characters that are impossible to decode without the Master Password.
    • The Master Password is not stored in the file, in this way it is impossible to recover it by reverse engineering methods.

Inactivity Protection:

    • It is possible to configure PasswordsPro so that after a certain number of minutes of inactivity, it automatically close the open passwords file. This protection is effective when you forget the computer with a passwords file open, protecting your data.